Everybody deserves a delicious cake on their special day. At Sinsations we understand and empathise.

We offer a specialized line of cakes and desserts for people with special dietary needs. These include vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, nut-free and egg-free cakes, created with special ingredients and under the most stringent of conditions. The miracle is that unless you were told, you would never know that these were any different from their more sinful siblings!.

Dairy-free Cakes
Deliciously moist and rich. Made with coconut cream or nut milk.
Vegan Cakes
Egg and dairy free — you have to taste it to believe it!
Sugar-free Cakes
Mildly sweet with the goodness of non refined sugars.
Egg-free Cakes
A wide range of delicious cakes that are perfect for those poojas or for those with an egg allergy.
Gluten-free Cakes
Deliciously moist, rich and low in carbs!
Nut-free Cakes
Decadent cakes that are made with utmost care.
Browse through flavours that match your special needs
Can’t have gluten? Choose to be vegan? Is dairy an issue? Have a child with an allergy? We have the delicious answers! Choose from a wide range of mouth watering flavours.