December 3, 2019
Tres leches cake

A cake as light as a feather……that’s delicate on the tongue. A cake topped with three kinds of milk….maybe even four! A cake whose origin is a convoluted mystery —…

October 18, 2019
Victoria sponge

A favourite tea cake of Queen Victoria.

August 12, 2019
Of Plum Cakes and Kerala!

Did you know why Plum cake and Kerala are synonymous? How did something so British become a Kerala staple? In 1880, a young man named Mr. Mambally Bapu returned from…

August 11, 2019
Vanilla Cake– egg free and yet delicious

A delicious vanilla cake is the cornerstone of every baker’s repertoire. It’s light and airy, and combines beautifully with a myriad frostings to make a delectable treat. But an eggless…

August 7, 2019
Will the real Red Velvet Cake take a bow?

It was a long , long time back. Dinosaurs had just about stopped roaming the earth….probably because there was no Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat….  There was however a man…

July 27, 2019
A rose by any other name….

Growing up in sleepy cantonment towns all over India, with no decent shows on TV and no Internet, (and no social life to speak of), libraries were my favourite hang…