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  • Onde Onde

    The Peranaken community is unique to South East Asia and particularly the Malay archipelago. Chinese or Indian Traders who sailed to the Malacca straits and plied their wares, couldn’t return to their places of origin until the monsoon winds aligned with their destinations. So they would drop anchor literally and figuratively and spend 4 to […]

  • Victoria sponge

    A favourite tea cake of Queen Victoria.

  • Of Plum Cakes and Kerala!

    Did you know why Plum cake and Kerala are synonymous? How did something so British become a Kerala staple? In 1880, a young man named Mr. Mambally Bapu returned from Burma where he’d learned to bake biscuits and set up the Mambally Royal Biscuit Factory in Thalaserry. In 1883, a few days before Christmas, Murdoch […]

  • Will the real Red Velvet Cake take a bow?

    It was a long , long time back. Dinosaurs had just about stopped roaming the earth….probably because there was no Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat….  There was however a man called Adams. He had a wife — nah, not Eve. Her name was a more prosaic Betty. Remember them, they will re-enter our story at […]

  • Sugar and Candy

    The very word conjures up images of M&Ms and Hershey’s kisses, gumdrops and candy canes, jujubes and gummy bears, peppermint patties, puffy marshmallows, colourful lollipops and all things tooth achingly sweet. But did you know that the word candy comes from Khand or Khandsari — another name for raw sugar? Or that the word Sugar […]

  • Vanilla — a bittersweet tale…

    Vanilla is the most popular flavour in the world. It is the second most expensive spice. Have you ever wondered about its origins?