Dashing through the snow….

I like sugar cookies.

And I love snowflakes, especially of the cookie kind.

Dashing through the snow....

I like Poinsettias too! Love the red and green contrast.

Every year in December I gift myself a small pot of Poinsettia, only to have it die on me by January. So this year I decided I’ll make a sugar cookie version.

photo (59)

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Here in Sunny Singapore, the temperature does not change. So there is no dashing through any snow, nor chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

The only fall in temperature is at the malls which become even colder than before.

But Orchard road is beautifully lit. And there are tall and imposing Christmas trees in every corner and the smell of baking in the air!

Christmas in Singapore, Orchard Road 5, 112006
Christmas in Singapore, Orchard Road

I’m making sugar cookies, cinnamon snaps, shortbread and lemon-passion bars. Do you have a favourite cookie?


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