I watched Lion King, and loved the movie two decades ago.

But until a couple of weeks back, I’d  never heard of Lion Guard.

When mom S told me that her daughter A had set her heart on Kion, I had to do some research.

I found this image and decided to use it for a 2D topper on the cake. I’ve put together a quick tutorial on how to make this.

First print off an outline image of the picture you’ve chosen.

A quick study of the image in colour showed me at least 5 shades of brown. I decided to make my life simpler by reducing it to three shades of golden brown. In addition I used red for the mane, chocolate brown, white, black and green.

To make the golden brown for the fur, I mixed a pear sized ball of  Satin Ice yellow, a marble sized ball of Satin Ice brown and a small amount of red. When you are happy with the colour, take out a marble sized ball and add more brown, to create the darker portions for the ears and above the eyes.

Repeat with another marble sized ball, making a lighter shade for the chest, the snout and the under eye area.

Now  cut out the outline of Kion and you are ready to get started.

Roll out the golden brown evenly, place the template over the fondant and outline the shape. Cut away the excess using a sharp, clean blade.

Cut out the snout and using it as a template, cut it out of a thin layer of the lightest shade of brown. Stick it in place with water.

Then create the nose and forehead such that the nose is slightly thicker at the bottom. Stick a piece of darker brown in place to create the nostrils.

Shape and stick the lighter chest in place.

Do the same with the light under eye areas.

Add the darker areas above the eyes. And in the ears.

Use the white to make the eyes. Add circles of brown for the eyes. Add black pupils and white highlights to the eyes.

Use the dark chocolate Satin Ice to make the eyebrows and define the ears.

Cut the mane from the red fondant.

Roll out the background (I used a mix of green and yellow to make a leaf green) into a large circle.

Place the fondant head and chest on the background, sticking it in place. Add the mane.

Cut the background into a circle the same size as your cake. My cake was 7″ in diameter. I found that the easiest way to do this, was to slide the green fondant  onto a 7″ cake board and run my fingers along the edges. I then cut off the excess with a sharp blade.

Brush off all the excess cornstarch with a large brush. And add your Kion to the top of your frosted cake.

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