Planes, trains and automobiles

I made little N’s birthday cake last year. A cute one with characters from the nursery rhymes he knew and loved!
This year he was turning 2. A big boy now- with new big boy interests! Cars and planes, trucks and trains, ships and more.
His mom and I discussed the theme and decided to make a colourful cake with a plane flying high in the clouds.
A train running around the cake and some cute cars too.

I made a 3D plane in red fondant with N in the pilot’s seat.

The cake being 4″ tall, I could decorate the sides with a 2D train.

The engine and carriages were cut freehand.
As were these cars….

With some rolling hills, some puffy clouds and some smoke from the engine, the overall effect looked really sweet.
The cake inside was an eggless lemon cake with a chocolate ganache filling and frosting. I used vegan, gluten-free and nut free fondant to make the colourful decorations.

Really happy that everyone loved the cake!
Thank you D for entrusting me with your baby’s cake- not just once, but two years in a row!


  1. wow! So creative! allowing Nevaan to live his fantasy in reality…….

  2. Beautiful – a dream come true for the little one