My cake journey began a long time back. I was fascinated by baking as early as 12, and would eagerly pour through cookbooks and recipes looking for simple things to bake.

But while my cakes slowly began to taste good, my finishing left much to be desired. “Rustic” was a polite and politically correct way to label them. Three years back, I finally took the plunge and decided to learn about fondant and sculpting sugar figures.

My very first fondant covered cake was a gift for Anaya’s birth. Covering an orange cake with homemade fondant with no clear idea on how to do it, I concentrated on my model of a sleeping baby. I call this one – “The cake that launched a thousand more!”

Anaya, recently turned three! And her mom and dad asked me to make a Frozen cake for her birthday.

We decided to have young Elsa and Anna on the cake, building Olaf. A delightfully moist chocolate cake covered with dark chocolate ganache is enrobed with blue fondant. I used silver lustre dust to paint swirls on the sides of the cake. The giant snowflake on the top of the cake is painted free hand, also in silver.

Elsa, Anna and Olaf are created in fondant. Needless to say, Anaya loved her cake!


  1. Dear Radhika, So good to visit your site. I love both cakes and all the figurines on them. I have to come to Singapore again just to taste your beautiful cake.
    BTW, I did take the cake decorating class. No other students showed up, and I had 6 hours of private lesson! I am waiting for Michael’s/Wilton in our area to offer more classes. <3

    • Dearest Fae,

      I look forward to your coming again to Singapore!

      Thank you for your encouragement! I hadn’t posted in so long, I actually felt nervous!

      How lovely to do a private lesson! I’m sure you enjoyed yourself!


  2. Your figurines are just darling! All your cake designs are so fun.