You guys had asked for a recipe for the Tres Leches cake. Here it is!

Bake a sponge cake. Check out the delicious one in my free ebook. And pour over the 3 milk mixture. Easy peasy!

Tres Leches Mixture:

1/4 cup heavy cream or full fat milk
One can sweetened condensed milk
One can evaporated milk

For the top:
2 cups of cream
2 tbsps sugar
1 tbsp Vanilla extract
Berries of your choice

Mix the milk together.
Use a fork to poke holes all over your warm sponge.
Pour half the milk mixture over your sponge.
Wait until it’s absorbed, then pour the rest over the cake.
Chill for a couple of hours, then top with the whipped cream and berries.

Tuck in with gusto.

Have you ever made a Tres Leches cake before? You really should!