Study Group Wednesday

We met again last Wednesday, for two fabulous presentations- on Babylonian and Indian Creation Myths.

It was great hearing about the ancient Mesopotamian civilizations- the Sumerians who were later succeeded by the Babylonians- and the stories of their innumerable Gods and Goddesses. Google the Enuma Elish which is one of the oldest written texts in the world. E is a wonderful speaker with a natural talent, combining humour and painstaking research to bring her stories to life.

The second presentation of the day was by A, on Hindu Creation Myths. And her explanations of the symbolism behind the stories that I’ve grown up with, were enthralling!

The stories are fascinating in themselves….but with the understanding of the symbolic meaning it becomes whole. A multifaceted diamond, astounding with its brilliance, breathtaking in its simplicity, beautiful in its logic.

A wonderfully enriching day.

The company, the conversation….And there was cake!


Can you think of a better way to spend a morning?